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New Orleans


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 New Orleans, Louisiana
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Top Reviews in New Orleans, Louisiana:

The Atlas House Read all 181 full reviews for The Atlas House

1354 Magazine Street
Amazing experience! Everything about this place was wonderful. My friend and I absolutely loved stay ...
Atlas House was wonderful! The staff were very kind and helpful, and the facilities were top notch.  ...
The staff was friendly and helpful. The hostel had a general fun, friendly, eclectic and well mainta ...

IHSP French Quarter House Read all 242 full reviews for IHSP French Quarter House

914 N. Rampart
4/10/2019  The hostel is centrally located at walking distance of Broadway Avenue and other main a ...
This was a great hostel to stay in for a couple nights while visiting Nola. Great price and felt ve ...
Good location, though its a longer walk to nightlife and downtown. room was comfortable. Staff was  ...

Nola Jazz House Read all 247 full reviews for Nola Jazz House

Nola Jazz House
We enjoyed our stay at the Nola Jazz House. The staff were nice and helpful and we enjoyed all the m ...
It was clean and quite, just off the beaten path, but just minutes away from the everything. There w ...
Great location. Room was a bit basic and the sheet had a stain. Breakfast on the first day was great ...

Garden District House Read all 87 full reviews for Garden District House

1660 Annunciation Street
This hostel closed without giving me any notice. I showed up the day of my reservation and they were ...
This is the worst hostel I stayed in the US. When I arrived at 6:30pm no staff was there. I was rin ...
I booked this trip last minute. I was attending a conference and on a student budget, did not want t ...

Auberge Nouvelle Orleans Read all 2 full reviews for Auberge Nouvelle Orleans

1628 Carondelet Street
My Husband & I stayed there for 6 days. It really is a super Hostel & I would highly recomme ...
Wonderful place to stay and the location is fantastic. We were here during Mardi Gras and the parade ...

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New Orleans

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